D890 – RF Switch and Attenuator Drawer

General Description

Power Requirements:

Input: 24VDC/ 1A, 5VDC/ 5A.

Mech. Dimensions:

Width: 19” rack mount

Height: 2U

Depth: 50cm.


Range: DC ÷ 3GHz range.

Clock: Ext. or Built in 200Hz.

controlled by customer.

Clock Levels: RS422.

Impedabce: All ines 50Ω.


– AT1 30Db/150W Attenuator

– AT2 20Db/2W Attenuator

– AT3 3Db/1W Attenuator

– AT4 20Db/2W Attenuator

– AT5 20Db/2W Attenuator



SW Interface:

– User Friendly Grapgical Interface (GUI)

– Easy Switch control

– Option #1: DUT Control SW

– Option #2: DUT and RF Drawer Automation SW (Option#2).

Optional Cables:

– D890 Drawer Control Cable with JTAG Blaster

– D890 Drawer Control cable to DUT

– D890 Drawer DC Supply Cable


Bynet Electronics second generation RF Switch and attenuators Drawer is a configurable 2U appliance drawer to monitor and control digital and RF components,
including switches, attenuators, frequency synthesizers,
amplifiers, and other RF HW.

Configurable Drawer and Custom Panels:

The drawer features a standard back  panel for Interface to the Lab and Rack equipment, Connector Interface, and Power Supplies.

The front compartment is reserved for customer-specific
components. Custom front and back panels are assembled for each configuration.

Ordering Information

D890-8-RF2S1: 2U RF Drawer with Manual SW control.

D890-8-RF2S2: DUT Control SW for D890 (Option#1)

D890-8-RF2S3: DUT and RF Drawer Automation SW for D890 (Option#2).

D890-8-RF2C1: D890 Drawer Control Cable with JTAG Blaster.

D890-8-RF2C2: D890 Drawer DC Supply & Control cable for DUT.

D890-8-RF2C3: D890 Drawer DC Supply Cable.

D890-8-RF2Z1: D890 Drawer Full Kit (includes all SW options and 3 cables).



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