Full TurnKey - התהליך

Gathering and refining requirements
A critical stage that requires significant investment
At this stage, we collect and refine the requirements from all stakeholders:
  • management
  • engineering
  • manufacturing
  • End customers
A strategic testing proposal.
Formulating a testing strategy that aligns with the requirements of various stakeholders
Detailed design

Electrical design
Mechanical design
Detailed testing plan:
Writing a Test Plan for the SELF TEST
Writing a Test Plan for the ATP
SOFT PANEL design for manual operation of testing system components

    Manufacturing carried out by approved and certified manufacturers, documented by our company.
    Software development (starting concurrently)*
    Coding for SELF TEST*
    Coding for ATP*
    Coding for SOFT PANEL*
    Capability demonstration

    Performing POD
    Fault injection
    Performing SELF TEST and stability runs
    Analyzing results and updates as needed
      Integration with the unit under test
      • Progressive connection of the Unit Under Test to the testing system using the SOFT PANEL
      • Integration of VATP with the test programs
      Testing the content of the testing system against the unit under test
        Injecting faults (QTP) to validate the test program
      • Running stability tests on multiple units
      • Updating tolerances as necessary
      Implementation at the customer site
      • Installation
      • Training
      • Documentation delivery
      • Defining maintenance policy
      • Spare parts
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