About the company

Bynet Testing Systems specializes in automated testing solutions designed according to customer needs in a Full Turn Key model. Bynet’s leadership and integration capabilities provide significant value to the customer in all stages of the testing system design, starting from requirements gathering and analysis, characterization, formulation of testing strategies, high-level design, detailed design (e.g., electronics, mechanics, software), manufacturing, capability demonstration, integration, design validation, customer deployment, ongoing preventive maintenance, and support, upgrades, and updates

The company's vision

Full Turn Key

To be a leading and significant company in the FULL TURN KEY model for specialized testing systems, starting from requirements definition and engineering specification through development, manufacturing, implementation, training, and service throughout the product lifecycle.

Technological innovation

Setting new standards ★ Technological innovation and interface reduction ★ Risk assessment survey ★ Integration of cyber protection tools for system commands and operations ★ Integration of BI, AI, and Machine Learning tools ★ Utilization of DevOps methodologies


A partnership based on full transparency throughout, seen as a top value in terms of planning, costs, schedule, and decisions throughout the project lifecycle for the project's success and customer satisfaction.

Excellence in service

Availability, quick, efficient, and professional response to the customer as part of the organizational culture.

Commitment to more

Why Bynet Testing Systems

A comprehensive and unified envelope of services for a variety of services

Consulting, planning, development, manufacturing, training, implementation, and long-term service

Technologies and innovation

You mentioned your extensive experience and knowledge in the technological realms, including expertise in testing systems, communication, optics, BI, Machine Learning, risk assessment, and cyber protection.

The Rad-Bynet Group

Optimal utilization of the resources of the Rad-Binet group across its various branches: software development, hardware development, integration, and project management. Many years of experience in the Israeli hi-tech industry.

Multi Testing system

Utilization of a unique methodology based on many years of experience. A solution based on a modular, multi-layered hammock approach, reducing costs and shortening Time To Market (TTM)

Allocate financial assistance

Utilization of financial assistance by an integration branch in New York with an interface to the delegation for projects under the FMF/FMS budget

Security classification

A company classified for executing projects at a high classification level

Professional team

Many years of experience, leading a multi-disciplinary team, with extensive experience in the specification, development, and manufacturing of testing systems.

Customer-oriented solution with a commitment to more.

Bynat Testing Systems from the Rad-Bynet group

A leading group of companies providing technological solutions in the fields of infrastructure and end-to-end communication networks. They manufacture and market solutions for various sectors of the communication and telecommunications industry. Founded by Yehuda and Zohar Zisafl / 4500 employees / 6 branches in the US and 24 worldwide

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